• The AIWC of Genoa is an English speaking organization open to women of all nationalities.  We work to promote friendship and understanding between members and the Italian community through activities which support local charities.  We are always interested in new members who share our goals. Click here to learn more about our History and Mission or How to Join.  

Club News - May/June 2014


     SW2014profileIn the May general meeting members voted for a new, streamlined Board. From now on, each Board member will be heading their own committee and members can join any of them. At the same time, we also got a new President, Sarah Wallace, who is taking over from Lesleigh Rizzi. Lesleigh stepped down after a full term as the President. Her excellent leadership skills and committment to the club was much appreciated by all members and Sarah happily agrees that it will be difficult to improve upon what Lesleigh has already brought into the club during her time. Read more about Sarah and her thoughts about the future of the club. 

    Written on Saturday, 21 June 2014 10:51


    Now is the perfect time to start a summer project: quilting for FAWCO!

    Since 1995 FAWCO members all over the world have produced a unique handmade Friendship Quilt once a year.The finished quilt is then raffled in the FAWCO Annual Conference to raise money for projects. Check out the absolutely stunning quilts from previous years on the FAWCO website!

    The 2015 Frienship Quilt "Backing Women" will be based on a painting by Christian de Laubadere, who has kindly given his permission for us to use the design. AIWC Genoa members have a unique opportunity to contribute to this unique project and this is how: 

    Written on Thursday, 22 May 2014 08:52
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