Why are we part of FAWCO (Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas)

Why are we a part of FAWCO (Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas) is a frequently asked question.

Our club AIWC of Genoa was founded in 1957 and was entirely American until the late 1960’s. One of the founding members Dr. Frieda Bacigalupo-Natali  suggested that AIWC accept as members Italian friends who could speak English. Soon the new membership policy went into action.

In 1972 Carol Bordoni another woman and friend of many,  strong in spirit and actions joined our club. She met Mary Vanni and Posy Olivetti and the four of them went marching forward to learn more about FAWCO and in 1976 we were the first associate member club with less than 60% of American members and a very active one.

Frieda Bacigalupo-Natali was elected president of AIWC in 1973-1975  and president of  The FAWCO Foundation Board in 1977. Carol Bordoni was elected president of AIWC 1975-1977 and again in 1981-1982 and Vice President of The Foundation Board in 1987. Mary Vanni was elected AIWC president  in 1984-1986.

In 1982 at the Interim Meeting held in Lugano all FAWCO members were invited to attend, until then only reps went to the conferences. Our club has been sending a representative to the annual conferences ever since.

AIWC of Genoa hosted the FAWCO’s 1992 Intermin meeting, which coincided with Genoa’s 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America. We co-hosted a Regional meeting in 2010 with AILO Florence which was held in Florence and we hosted again in lives in need of a helping hand.2013 here in Genoa.

In 1990 Ann De Simoni joined AIWC and served 12 years on the board and then was elected Vice President of FAWCO in 2001-2003. At the end of her term she has served several appointed positions on The FAWCO Foundation Board and then became Vice President in 2010-2012. She also created her own fundraising project for The FAWCO Foundation, Kids Help, Since then Ann has organized 3 fundraising cruises raising over $22,000  and her 5th cruise is programmed for October 2017.

Our club is active in FAWCO because we like being part of something larger than ourselves. We like doing and giving on a larger scale that reaches so very many more.

"The benefits of being a FAWCO member club are many: First and foremost, our Club will benefit from the sharing of resources and best practices with our 75+ member clubs, organizations just like ours from around the world. The FAWCO website is a busy meeting place for its members to share information, exchange ideas and problem solve. For example, if youa re looking for new ideas on fundraising, membership retention, volunteer mobilization, or board training, you will find the answers on our website. FAWCO's annual global and regional conferences provide an opportunity for Club presidents, Club FAWCO representatives and other interested members to meet and exchange ideas, as well as learning and developing themselves and their clubs.

Being a part of FAWCO also gives an opportunity for our members and our children to apply for the FAWCO Foundation Academic Awards, and for our Club to purpose a project for a Development Grant.

FAWCO gives our Club a voice on the World Stage. FAWCO is a United Nations accredited non-governmental organizaion (NGO), with special consultative status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations - ECOSOC. FAWCO is particularly active in global issues such as education and literacy, awareness of environmental protection, human rights and women's and children's rights in particular, health issues and specific concerns and issues of U.S. citizens living overseas. There's something for everyone."

Development Grant Recipients 2012

sponsored by the Coughlan Family
Club member: Sarah Wallace
sponsored in part by FAUSA
Club member: Margaret Canepa – recipient. Margaret’s niece Kate Crowley

Educational Award  Recipients 2012

SCIENCES AWARD  sponsored in part by AIWC Genoa
in memory of Frieda Bacigalupo Natali -  $3000 
In 2011 Carla Canepa, her mother is a member of AIWC Genoa.

Dual Cultural Award:  $2000 In Thomas Striker, his mother Colleen Stricker was a member of  AIWC Genoa.

Frieda Bacigalupo-Natali was President of AIWC Genoa and one of the founding members of the Club. Thanks to her foresight, AIWC Genoa was the first club in Italy to have joined FAWCO in 1976.