Heart Pillow Project

Since 2009, dedicated members of AIWC of Genoa have been sewing and distributing heart pillows which help ease the pain of cancer patients who have undergone mastectomies. 1,600 pillows have been made as of this writing.

The heart-shaped pillows are placed under the patient's arm to ease the pain caused by surgery. The pillow's design was developed by an American nurse in Copenhagen who is a member of the American Women's Club of Denmark. One of the goals of the over 75 American Women's Clubs found throughout the world is to be socially and charitably committed. The Heart Pillow Project has become an international charity movement; volunteers sew pillows for breast cancer survivors world-wide.

On behalf of all patients at San Martino IST, department Prof. Danielle Friedman, "I would like to thank our members and friends sincerely for their efforts."

Ann De Simoni

FAWCO Rep 2016-2018

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